iCopter TNG

iCopter TNG 1.5

Why real helicopters aren't controlled by iPhones


  • Simple controls
  • Fun gameplay to begin with
  • Two modes


  • Dull graphics
  • No sound

Not bad

iCopter TNG is a tilt and touch-controlled arcade game, ideal for filling the odd free minutes.

This is an extremely simple game. You control a helicopter in a cave, and regulate the height by tapping the screen. Forward and backward movement is handled by tilting left or right.

There are three difficulty modes in iCopter TNG, although easy is hard enough! In easy mode your iCopter self levels, but in hard mode it doesn't, which makes it very unstable!

There are two game modes, Standard and Time Attack, although neither really plays differently. iCopter TNG has no sound at all, and the graphics are nothing special. The caves you fly through are very generic.

iCopter TNG is a really simple game that's fun for a little while, although the top difficulty level is probably too much!

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iCopter TNG


iCopter TNG 1.5

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